“Tony Nolan served as our tour pastor and harvest evangelist. He mentored us and preached the Gospel every night. We saw more than 46,000 people repent and place their faith in Jesus for salvation.”

—Mark Hall, lead singer for Casting Crowns and youth pastor, Eagles Landing First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

 “Tony Nolan is a close friend and a gifted communicator of the Word of God. It is apparent that the hand of God rests upon him, in his proclamation of the Gospel. I had Tony preach at Woodstock, and we had one of the most outstanding days in memorable history. God is using him mightily!”

—Dr. Johnny Hunt, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“Tony Nolan is a reaper. He preached at the Journey Church, and we saw 100 people saved and baptized in one day!”

—Darryl Bellar, lead pastor, The Journey Church, Fernandina Beach, FL.

“We were the first guys to use Tony Nolan, and we knew everybody else would want him. He is humble, animated, outta control, and speaks from his heart in 27 flavors. He has a life-changing message, and people love to hear it from him.”

—Lanny Donoho, president, BigStuf Ministries; “big cheese,” Catalyst Conferences

“Over the years of having Tony Nolan at Freedom Church, God has used him, to reach and harvest multitudes, who are far from God, to experience life in Christ.”

—JR Lee, lead pastor, Freedom Church, Acworth, GA 

“Tony Nolan preached three, consecutive years at Busch Stadium with me; and each year, God used him, to reap thousands of souls.”

—Albert Pujols, MLB player for the L.A. Angels, two-time World Series winner, three-time National League MVP, president of the Pujols Family Foundation

“Tony Nolan faithfully and simply shares the Gospel; and God uses him at our church, to reap a massive harvest of new believers.”

—Josh Reavis, assistant pastor of pastoral ministries, North Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

“Tony Nolan preached for us for five, consecutive years, and we saw thousands of souls reaped for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

—Jake Carswell, tour producer, Winter Jam/Xtreme Conferences

“Tony Nolan and his family were awesome ministry partners, during the Winter Jam tour. Tony’s passion and zeal, to be open and real, are breaths of fresh air in ministry, today. No going-through-the-motions; no sugar-coated gospel, about giving only part of your life to Jesus; and best of all, no apologies! Just straight-up, radical Christianity. We saw thousands come to Jesus!”

—John and Korey Cooper, Skillet

 “Tony Nolan is a harvest evangelist. We’ve had him preach the Gospel and give an altar-call at our festival, many times. He preaches, God blesses, and thousands respond to the Gospel.”

—Harry Thomas, pastor and co-founder of Creation Festivals

“Tony Nolan is one of America’s most powerful, authentic communicators of biblical truth, especially to young people. Tony was the guest speaker at our Spiritual Emphasis Week at Liberty University; and he was greatly used by God, as we saw hundreds of decisions made for Christ.”

—Dr. Jerry Falwell, founder, Liberty University