From Despair To Hope – An interview With Tony Nolan

The following interview was given for the Journal of the Southern Baptist convention.

Tony Nolan is an evangelist from Florida and the co-founder, along with his wife Tammy, of TNT Ministries. God has used him to reach thousands of teenagers and adults for Christ. We spoke with Tony recently to discuss his life along with his methods and motivation for ministry. We are pleased to share a portion of that conversation.

SBC LIFE: Tony, you’re in evangelism. How did the Lord bring you to Himself in the first place?

Nolan: It’s the story of a soul looking for fulfillment in his life then ultimately finding it in Jesus.

My mother was a mentally insane street person who lived in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve never met my biological father. I was put in foster care for the first three years of my life because my mother was institutionalized. Unfortunately it was a very unhealthy foster care situation where they abused me sexually and burned me with cigarettes and threw me up and down flights of stairs to bet on how long it would take me to heal from the concussions.

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