In the Ukraine, when an orphan girl becomes 16 years old she ages out of the orphanage system and is forced to leave and live on her own. Most of these girls have no place to go and if someone does not do something to help them, then they are likely to end up in sex slavery.

Doesn’t that break your heart? It crushes ours, and on November 15-16th, with your help and the help of your friends, we are going to rescue one of these girls; maybe two, three or even more! Join us for the HOPE-A-THON, a 24 hour live stream event to raise up money to relieve an orphans misery. Every dollar given goes directly to Engraved Ministry. They will be on the ground in the Ukraine providing safe homes, caring mentors and relevant training for the girls we rescue. Sure, we’re just teenagers, but we’ve heard our leaders tell us to live for something other than ourselves, to have a cause. So here we are with a real cause, about real girls who really need rescuing. We’ve taken up the cause and we need you to take up the cause with us. Tune it to our 24 hour webcast starting on November 15th at 6pm! Join the live chat and give us crazy challenges. We’ll do just about anything to give hope to these hopeless girls! For a donation, we’ll do back flips, front flips, hand stands and face plants all while blind folded and eating a “mystery food”. Whatever you request, we’ll do (please don’t kill us, remembering it’s about saving lives not losing any) because some girl in Ukraine is about to turn 16 in November and together, we’re going to fill her broken heart with HOPE!! Follow #hopeAthon on twitter for moment by moment up dates and spread the word. Take up the cause! Christy and Wil Nolan

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