Prayer Support…It works!

I am so blessed by my friends. They take the idea of being a friend and make it a reality. It’s one thing to have buddies who will one day carry your casket, but it’s another to have some who carry you when you feel like your’e dying.

Recently I was playing a game of basketball with my boys and I blew out my ACL. People have asked, “What happened?” I reply,”I drove into the lane and my left knee just decided to play for the other team!” I have to laugh to keep from crying. It did not hurt at the time but the next day it did. It swelled up and I had to get it drained; twice! You could imagine that I needed prayer and I am grateful to report that my friends carried me with their prayers. I had a crazy schedule. had to preach 8 times at one weekend event and then had to do nine one hour sessions at BreakForth Conference in Canada. I made it through the pain and the pressure and God showed up at all the teach/preaching moments. The prayers of caring friends helped me through! Thank you so much. I’d like to ask you all to keep praying. Today I found out that I will be having my surgery will be on February 19th. I still have an intense schedule. I’m certain that God will hear your requests and grant me grace to keep the pace and share the Gospel. Grateful Tony

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