LifeLift Bracelet



Lifelift Acrostic

L = a Life changing event happen to me.
I = I was diagnose with a terminal Infection in my heart.
F = a Famous person, who has been in movies, TV and is a regular on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC news. He donated a new heart to me.
T = I had a heart Transplant and it was so successful, I am going to live forever!

Have fun sharing the good news of the Gospel.  After you share the content of the bracelet, you may want to take the convertsation further, here are some options to consider:

  1. Lifelift continued: You have been reading the best Health Book in the World written by the greatest Heart Specialist in the World.  The Book is the Bible and the Doctor is God.  He says in Romans 3:23 that we all have the same infection and it is called sin.  The infection is terminal in that is produces Eternal Death in Hell, Romans 6:23.  That’s horrible news, however, The Famous One, Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our Sins, in so doing He gave up his heart to give us a new one, and instead of suffer eternal death we can experience eternal life, John 3:16. You may want to ask them if they would like to have a heart transplant and lead them in a simple prayer to do so.  It could go something like this, Dear, God I know that I am a sinner, I agree with you about my sinfulness; Jesus I believe that you are the sinless Son of God who died was buried and rose again.  Change my heart, I consent to your Power and I give you control of my life.  Thank you for transforming my heart, help me to live for you and your glory. In Jesus name amen.
  2. You may want to give them your favorite track and let them know it will tell them more about how it affects their life.
  3. You may want to simply just share your own testimony of how Jesus changed your heart.  Then let the Spirit of the Lord Lead.

REMEMBER: Successful witnessing defined is “Sharing your faith and leaving the results to God.”  Just tell the story of the Gospel and let God do the rest.  You have been successful in that you shared the Word, and it will not return void, God will use it to help the person to connect with His salvation.


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