To care is to bless!

I got a call from a friend yesterday and it sooooo blessed me.

I’ve been in the trenches latley with some intense spiritual warfare. (cant wait to see what God is up to cuz the devil somehow got wind that something good is about to go down) I dont know how you handle your spiritual battles but I tend to pray longer and read more Bible. That may make me sound like some sort of super faith hero but thats far from who I am.

I struggle in the midst of all that praying and Bible reading.  I know all truth about God being the victor and that we win….but its tough to get my emotions to be led by those truths. My faith and my head are all over pressing forward by the Word of the Lord… but man, and maybe this happens to you… my heart often drags behind. I really hate these seasons in my life. Yeah I said hate and I mean it. But, I’ve been here before and I know my God is able to bring me through it. And sometimes, He uses someone to say just the right thing to help.

Yesterday I got a moment like that. It came from a friend. He left me a voice message and closed it by saying some of the most heart lifting words a hurting person would need to hear, he said, “I can come to Atlanta if I need to..” This guy is one of the busiest men of God I know, yet he cared enough to make himself available. His caring blessed me. His words lifted a deep inner weight that was seeking to drag me down.

I dont need him to come. I’m doing ok, but just knowing that I have a friend who would…….its such a blessing to be in the family of God and to have people who really care for you.  It not only lifted my spirit,  it stirred me up to be the same kind of friend to others….because to care is to bless!



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