When God shows up

God blew our minds in Appleton WI. I invited one of the leaders, who hosted the event, to write a first hand account of what happened. What he says superbly captured the moment, when God showed up and captured some hearts….
Gods servant, Moses must have sounded crazy to the rest of the Hebrews, coming down from that mountain talking about a burning bush, a message of salvation out of Egypt, and that Voice, that Voice, in an instant, had a familiar comfort yet shook him to his very core. But he knew, even if they didn’t believe, God was poised and ready to do something in their lives they had never seen before. The message of God’s salvation began a literal movement and transformation in their lives.
If it wasn’t the same type of atmosphere among our students that night at “younite,” it was close. Many had come with friends, most to get out of the house, or escape the drudgery of school work. Unsuspecting students, not anticipating or wanting an encounter with Almighty God. But then they heard the message of salvation from Tony, that God adores them so much and longs to take them as they are and bring them into new life. Little by little their walls began to crack, until finally they were down like Jericho.
It was like light burst forth in their darkness and, even if it was only a glimmer for some, it was enough to shake the whole foundation of their worldview. The God they had heard about but ignored, thought about but displaced, been introduced to but rejected, presented Himself and did something totally new and irresistible in their lives. The students were moved by Jesus’ love, grace, and sacrifice for their lives so they could be set free. Over 200 walked into new life that night and now, a few weeks after, we’re still hearing and seeing God’s hand working in their lives and our ministry and we are eternally grateful!
Coleton Segars
Jr. High Pastor at Appleton Alliance Church
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